The Address Blackpool, Lancashire

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About The Address

Ideally situated on Reads Avenue in Central Blackpool, The Address has the dual advantages of being close to many of Blackpool’s must see places such as the Winter Gardens, Blackpool Opera House, Sea Life Centre and Madame Tussauds Waxworks.

We are also a stones throw away from the town centre, where you will find a host of restaurants, shops and most importantly, Blackpool Tower. The Blackpool Tower is 518ft tall and was built in 1894, it has a number of attractions inside, from the tower top views, the Tower Circus, to the magnificent Tower Ballroom.

Parking: Limited Free Parking may be available based on the date of booking. Please call or email before booking to check for availability .

We accept Families and Couples only. Non Residents ie. guests who have not booked with us are not permitted in the rooms. Maximum booking duration accepted is 28 days.

What's near The Address?

  • Blackpool Tower – Attraction, 0.4 miles away
  • Blackpool – Town, 0.5 miles away
  • Poulton-le-Fylde – Town, 3.1 miles away
  • Thornton – Town, 4.3 miles away
  • Lytham St Anne's – Town, 4.3 miles away
  • Cleveleys – Town, 4.8 miles away
  • Fleetwood – Town, 6.9 miles away
  • Kirkham – Town, 7.4 miles away
  • Freckleton – Town, 8.4 miles away
  • Southport – Town, 11.6 miles away
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