Elmfield Hotel Blackpool, Lancashire

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About Elmfield Hotel

The Elmfield is a family run Guest house which offers accommodation on a bed and breakfast or a room only basis, ideally situated on the South Shore,just off the promenade and adjacent to the Blackpool Pleasure Beach. The Sandcastle Water Park and Golden Mile is a short walk away. It has, a licensed bar with a pool table and darts and 10 en-suite rooms catering for families couples and singles. We welcome groups but please check with us prior to booking. Sorry we do not allow single sex groups or Hen and Stags.

A freshly cooked full English breakfast is served each morning. Guests can enjoy tea and coffee in the sun lounge.

All our rooms have been comfortably furnished and include central heating. Each room has its own flat screen TV with free view and provisions so you can make tea or coffee. We have family rooms, twin rooms and double rooms available, all of which include an en-suite shower and toilet.

Although we are not pet friendly we do have a small dog to welcome guests.

Finding us could not be simpler Sat Nav FY4 1NT, Blackpool Pleasure beach is a 2 minute walk away and we are close to the M55/M6

What's near Elmfield Hotel?

  • Blackpool Tower – Attraction, 2.0 miles away
  • Blackpool – Town, 2.4 miles away
  • Lytham St Anne's – Town, 2.6 miles away
  • Poulton-le-Fylde – Town, 4.8 miles away
  • Thornton – Town, 6.2 miles away
  • Cleveleys – Town, 6.8 miles away
  • Kirkham – Town, 7.6 miles away
  • Freckleton – Town, 8.1 miles away
  • Fleetwood – Town, 8.8 miles away
  • Southport – Town, 9.8 miles away
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