Highfield Hotel Blackpool, Lancashire

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About Highfield Hotel

This family run B&B is located on Blackpool’s North Shore, just a minute walk away from the Queen's Promenade seafront that overlooks the Irish Sea.

We serve traditional English breakfasts where the produce is sourced as locally as possible and all rooms are serviced daily with free Wi-Fi
The hotel offers a sun lounge for you to relax, that looks towards the promenade as well as a bar.

The tram and bus stop just are over 100m (a minute or two walk) and that offers easy access to nearly all the attractions in Blackpool.
The tramline stretches across the whole length of Blackpool's promenade from Fleetwood (ideal for retail therapy) to Stargate (adjacent to Blackpool airport) and stops at memorable attractions such as Blackpool's Pleasure Beach the Sandcastle's Water Park and of course Blackpool Tower.

For something closer to home, why not try Uncle Tom’s Cabin? One of the oldest pubs in Blackpool great for a nightcap and features live entertainment on a Friday and Saturday night.

If you a feeling lucky there is the Genting Club Casino or golf at the Blackpool north shore golf club.

However sometimes there is nothing like taking a stroll along the beach; fresh air, high blue skies and the crashing waves of the Irish Sea.

We do not have any private parking, however there is free on-street parking in the area. We do our best to secure parking especially for families but cannot promise anything as there are two large hotels with limited parking next to us.

A good time to arrive is around 14:00 or possibly earlier we are quite flexible with our check-in times so please call or make a request while booking so we can make sure that the room is available for you before arrive.

Important Information about Group bookings: Please note that the Highfield does not accept bookings for hen or stag parties, or single sex groups or parties of any kind.

What's near Highfield Hotel?

  • Cleveleys – Town, 0.2 miles away
  • Thornton – Town, 1.7 miles away
  • Fleetwood – Town, 2.3 miles away
  • Poulton-le-Fylde – Town, 3.0 miles away
  • Blackpool – Town, 4.2 miles away
  • Blackpool Tower – Attraction, 4.5 miles away
  • Lytham St Anne's – Town, 8.9 miles away
  • Kirkham – Town, 9.7 miles away
  • Garstang – Town, 11.0 miles away
  • Freckleton – Town, 11.3 miles away
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