Kenley Hotel Blackpool, Lancashire

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About Kenley Hotel

Now under the ownership of Mark & Josie Solomon. Mark is a fully qualified chef, and star of Yorkshire TV’s ‘Making The Most Of’ – an ethnic cooking programme, hosted by Christopher Lillicrap. As of March, The Kenley is proud to announce the opening of the Love Me Tender Steak and Fish Grill with a mouthwatering array of steaks inc American Black Angus and Marks famous Flat Iron steak there is Roast Duck and Duck breast in orange sauce along with chargrilled Swordfish & Tuna steaks giving a little hint of the Mediterranean . Vegetarian and Coeliac dishes are always available and after a fabulous meal relax in our modern lounge/bar which is open until and is also open to non residents .

At the Kenley we have created a warm and relaxed environment for our Guests to enjoy. The Kenley is a 8 bedroomed Guest House with one ground floor easy access suite with wet room The Kenley has been accredited with a 4 Star Gold award by visit England and has been awarded Travellers choice awards courtesy of TripAdvisor in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.2016 2017 and is now working towards Les Routiers accreditation for exceptional food

We are only a stone’s throw away from the promenade being ideally situated between the Pleasure Beach and the Blackpool Tower we are in a prime location for our Guests to enjoy the sights of Blackpool with relative ease.

We are fortunate in that the tram and local buses have passenger boarding points at the bottom of St Chads Road whilst Locating The Kenley is also made easy as we are only 5 minutes drive away from the M55.

After a busy day enjoying the sights and attractions which Blackpool has to offer, you are invited to relax and unwind in the comfort of our lounge where you can share experiences with your fellow guests or simply sit back and take in the atmosphere. With a fully licensed Bar we can cater for most of our guests preferences and generally find that we have something for everyone in house.

What's near Kenley Hotel?

  • Blackpool Tower – Attraction, 0.9 miles away
  • Blackpool – Town, 1.3 miles away
  • Lytham St Anne's – Town, 3.6 miles away
  • Poulton-le-Fylde – Town, 3.8 miles away
  • Thornton – Town, 5.1 miles away
  • Cleveleys – Town, 5.6 miles away
  • Kirkham – Town, 7.6 miles away
  • Fleetwood – Town, 7.7 miles away
  • Freckleton – Town, 8.4 miles away
  • Southport – Town, 10.9 miles away
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