Le Papillon Blackpool, Lancashire

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About Le Papillon

The property is centrally located just 10 minutes walk from Blackpool Tower and many other attractions.

Le Papillon is a family run Bed and Breakfast and has 6 spacious en-suite rooms including two family suites one with a family sized bathroom including shower cubicle and bath tub.

All rooms have flat screen televisions with freeview and free wi fi, a beverage tray is provided which includes free tea, coffee and milk, these will be refilled on a daily basis and this will be done during the daily clean, Hairdryers are provided and ironing facilities are available on request.

A full english breakfast and a variety of lighter and vegetarian options are included during your stay, customers who prefer a continental breakfast served to their room can order this in advance.

Attractions close to Le Papillon include the beach, Blackpool Tower, coral island, winter gardens and Blackpool Zoo,

On site parking is available but limited and can be booked in advance for a small charge, we are close to a number of pay and display car parks.

Daz & Jo are husband and wife, they welcome families and couples to stay at Le Papillon Hotel and wish them a very enjoyable stay.

Sorry but stag and hen parties or all female or male groups cannot be accommodated.

What's near Le Papillon?

  • Cleveleys – Town, 0.2 miles away
  • Thornton – Town, 2.0 miles away
  • Fleetwood – Town, 2.1 miles away
  • Poulton-le-Fylde – Town, 3.3 miles away
  • Blackpool – Town, 4.4 miles away
  • Blackpool Tower – Attraction, 4.7 miles away
  • Lytham St Anne's – Town, 9.1 miles away
  • Kirkham – Town, 9.9 miles away
  • Garstang – Town, 11.1 miles away
  • Freckleton – Town, 11.5 miles away
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