Rock Dene Hotel Blackpool, Lancashire

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About Rock Dene Hotel

Andrew & Bernadette Paterson would like to provide you with a warm and friendly welcome to The Rockdene, which is located on the South Shore as a family run hotel. The hotel provides you with a spacious luxury en-suites, all with showers, a licensed bar with a large selection Of quality wines, beers, spirits & soft drinks, bar snacks, games for the children, open all year round, full central heating, tea/ coffee making facilities in all our rooms, iron/ ironing board, towels supplied, complimentary shampoo, soap, wipes, late keys, and 24 Hour CCTV, full L 2 fire certificate, All our bedrooms are tastefully furnished to a high standard and are equipped with 18 inch LCD/HD Freeview TVs, clock radios, tea/ coffee facilities. Full double glazing and full central heating through out the hotel. All rooms have En-Suite. For guest comfort and convenience rooms can be serviced daily upon request. The Rockdene has been accredited and inspected by YES HOTELS LTD And Has Been Awarded. This allows you to book with confidence, knowing you are selecting quality Rated/ selected hotel which have passed specific and stringent assessment. Many of our guests return two or three times each season. Big Discount on Merlin attraction up to 50% off when book at the hotel.

• Customers are the most important people ever to set foot in the RockDene.
• Customers are not dependent on us: we are dependent on them.
• Customers are not people to argue with, or to match wits with – no-one has ever won an argument with a customer.
• Customers are not an interruption of our work, but the purpose of it. We are not doing them a favour by serving them, they are doing us a favour by giving us an opportunity to do so.
• Customers are not outsiders to our business, they are a part of it.


(1) - The Customer is king.
(2) - If there are any problems for our customer then please refer to Service Policy Point (1

What's near Rock Dene Hotel?

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